Born to be angry                    It's about time
Grip of the vice                    Best to rewind
Click on the trigger, girl;         You better blow
Sip wine on ice!                    Pistols, pistols...

"It's About Time" by Young the Giant

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TW Femslash Week 

2/3: Kalifer

...And I thought, I could go back and finish it. Or I could let someone I love die peacefully. And maybe I just kept walking.
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jali au: the one where after a harsh break up, jennifer and kali start teaching at different schools. when they find themselves on the same staff once more, well, it’s only a matter of time before they fall in love again.

"You love me again?"
"I always did."
"You might want to say it more often."

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'cause I might not say it back.

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"Before Ennis, before Deucalion. Back before I had anything, I had Julia. She wasn’t just my emissary, she was.. She was the one thing that I could depend on. The one thing I loved. I only ever opened up to her, because I knew that I could trust her. I could tell her anything, and she would never judge me. She’d never hold anything against me. She would just give me that small, sweet little smile. The one she said she saved only for me. She’d lean in and press her lips to mine, and all my problems didn’t seem so terrifying anymore. She couldn’t make them go away. Hell, no one could. But Julia made it all easier to bare.."

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Videogame Logic


is that all good deeds are
when looked at with an ice-cold eye

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